It's All Happening

It's All Happening - MR. MA Golf

December 07, 2021

What? Why? And other questions answered. 

If you've ever listened to the podcast "How I built this?" you know that many great entrepreneurs start with an idea or a question - typically something that challenges the existing conventions of a product or category. Other times, you stumble into it - Stacy was selling day-old pitas as chips at her sandwich stand and people started liking those more than the sandwiches. Stacy's Pita Chips were born.

MR. MA appears to be neither. Instead, what started as a fun way for a few friends to have some self-made gear evolved into a "what if we started selling these?" discussion. Round two of those chats started to involve tougher questions like what would we sell, who would buy it, how much would they spend and how much time is this going to take. Fast forward a year and you are sitting in Bank of America writing a check to start the business after a long road of setting up an LLC and working through names and trademarks. 

That somewhat muddy journey to existence also helps explain what we sell and how we operate. We are a mish-mash of a few ideas. We want to put our brand on best-in-class products that already exist (like golf polos) so we don't try to out-manufacture people who are already good at that. However, we will also manufacture our own stuff as we do with a metalworks company in our backyard of downtown Austin, TX. Wherever we can we try to buy goods made in the U-S-A. And we will use our creativity and products to support non-profit organizations that you and we like.

One final note for this opening blog: we've received a tremendous amount of support from friends and family with everything from offers to buy products to packing boxes and designing websites. Can't do a side hustle without you. Thank you very much. 

Y'all ready? Here we go.

-Mason & Matt