2022 In Review

2022 In Review

March 03, 2023

2022 Year In Review    

Where do you start? 2022 was our first full year in business, so it’s fair to say that we learned a ton. Pretty much everything. From small things like how to reduce shipping costs to more consequential things like the world of Adaptive Golf (who plays, where, disability categories, etc.). We watched products that I never thought would sell, fly off the shelf. And merchandise that we thought would be a guaranteed hit, flounder. Such is the world of speculating on the public’s taste for golf merch and apparel! It’s an amazing feeling when you see MR. MA out in the wild - people are rallying around the purpose (and/or the logo, ha).

Speaking of rallying, MR. MA activated a handful of opportunities in 2022 - some happenstance while others more thoughtfully curated. We stumbled into the sponsorship of a Dell Match Play Hospitality Suite which turned out to be incredibly fun. We partnered with Cody McBride and the NoLayingUp crew to sponsor the Downrange podcast. We sponsored the Simpson Cup at Baltusrol in the late summer/fall. And we continued our sponsorship of 5 injured veterans while also getting MR. MA apparel in the hands of many adaptive golfers around the world.  

So many times, people ask me, “How is business going?” I always struggle to answer which probably signals that it isn’t going well. Quite the opposite. It is growing, albeit slowly. Which is totally fine. We rely on word of mouth and that is happening one person at a time. Unless we start splashing thousands (or hundreds of thousands) of marketing dollars around we will rely on our amazing customers, ambassadors and supporters to help get the word out. And we have the patience to grow over time. That’s the beauty of not having investors to answer to or some kind of cutthroat P&L. We are doing what we want to do, when and how. It’s a great feeling. But in the meantime, I need to come up with a better answer for “How is business going?”